Cuisinart TOA-60 Review

The Cuisinart TOA-60 Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer combines the functions of an air fryer and a toaster. It can perform functions such as baking, making toasts, broils and air frying. It uses ultra-powerful hot air making your air frying process easy. When trying to stay healthy, you need to look for ways you can prepare the food the healthy way. Air frying does not involve a lot of oils hence it is a safe alternative to deep frying of food. Some of the foods you can air fry include fries of shrimp, fitters among other dishes. You have freedom to prepare any food under the category of baking or air frying upon buying the toaster oven. It is built to be long lasting so that you can always achieve peace of mind upon buying it.

Cuisinart TOA-60 Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer Features

1800-Watts with 7 Functions

The appliance can help you achieve different cooking functions. You have up to seven functions. For instance, bake, conventional bake, broil, conventional broil, toast and warm. If you are looking for a way you can save money when buying your kitchen appliances, then buying the appliance will save you a lot of money because it combines functions making it easy for you to accomplish different functions in the process.

Non-Stick Interior with Oven Light

The interior is nonstick which eliminates the fear of food getting stuck. You can prepare any type of food without worry of how you can clean it. The oven light makes it easy to see the food cooking. You will always know when the food is ready due to the clear illumination provided by the oven light. The size is just enough to allow you prepare enough food for your small family use. It is highly durable. Different parts have been carefully selected to ensure you have a durable unit in place. You will enjoy using the unit for long before you can think of a replacement. The design is elegant. You will always feel proud having the unit in your kitchen.

High quality

Cuisinart products have been manufactured while adhering to high quality standards. Many people have tried the products and most of them agree they are among the best. For several years, the company has been known to make quality products. The toaster oven with a fryer function is not an exception. They have taken into consideration different factors to come up with the best toaster oven where they aim to achieve the best. Value for money is guaranteed due to the inclusion of different features in the appliance. You can accomplish up to seven cooking functions while using the oven. It is a remarkable design which will save you both money and space in your kitchen because you will not have to buy several functions so that you can accomplish the different functions.

Large Capacity

The toaster and fryer appliance can allow you prepare up to 6 slices of bread when making a toast. The air fryer function can cook up to three pounds of chicken wings, roast four pound of chicken and bake up to 12 inch pizza. It is big enough to accommodate most family cooking needs. When buying a kitchen appliance, it is necessary to check on the capacity. You will not feel let down after you decide to buy the appliance. It has everything you need to enjoy your cooking.

Adjustable Thermostat

The thermostat can be adjusted to achieve the perfect cooking temperature. A 60 minute timer and auto shut off feature makes the appliance very reliable and convenient to use. Toast shade selector and timer make it possible to adhere to different cooking recipes. Other accessories provided which make the unit among the best you can access in the market include an oven rack, air fryer rack, basket and baking fan. You have everything you need to enjoy your cooking experience. The one hour timer allows you to schedule cooking even if you are too busy. You can program it to start baking before you arrive at home.


Up to seven functions

The toaster oven is highly versatile. It has an inbuilt fryer which allows you to have up to seven functions. You save space and money in your kitchen in the process.

Easy to clean

The interior is made out of nonstick material which makes it easy to clean. There is no development of hard stains.

60 minute timer

The timer allows scheduling of cooking hence allowing you great convenience.

Highly durable

The construction is highly durable. You are sure of long services.


The size is a bit small making it suitable for family use.

The Cuisinart toaster and air fryer is a kitchen appliance you will buy and realize great value for your money. It has been made to assure you value for money. The choice of materials and the design makes it a great addition to your kitchen.