This amazing huge Oster product is a great helper to have in your kitchen if you are not a couple anymore. If you have a family to cook daily or bake more often or there are guests coming frequently, Oster has this beast to help you boost your cooking experience. It has good performance on […]


  Oster’s large capacity oven TSSTTVMNDG enables you to cook with ease at your kitchen counter enhanced with the excellent convection cooking technology which saves you time and cooks evenly. It was recognized as one of the best products of 2011. It’s also enhanced with an extensive temperature range (150-450°), a 90 minute timer and […]


  The Oster TSSTTVSKBT 6-Slice Large Capacity Toaster Oven with Brushed Stainless Steel is a convenient product packed with features. Its convection cooking technology sets it apart from other products in the market as it is able to cook evenly and thoroughly. This product has affordable price and has better performance than those at the […]

Oster 6058 Review

  I think Oster 6058 is a balanced model with 6-slice large capacity and comes with convection technology. It is a versatile product which sets on your counter top and covers less space meanwhile providing you with multiple cooking choices from roasting, baking, toasting and even giving you the facility to dehydrate your food. With energy saving technology, […]