Oster TSSTTVXLDG Extra Large Digital Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel
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This amazing huge Oster product is a great helper to have in your kitchen if you are not a couple anymore. If you have a family to cook daily or bake more often or there are guests coming frequently, Oster has this beast to help you boost your cooking experience. It has good performance on baking, toasting, roasting stuff and making casseroles. With powerful cooking abilities and large interior size, this is one good household appliance to have. This model is almost the largest one in the market.


Product Features


Large Cooking Capacity

This giant monster by Oster offers you to cook family sized meals with your hands freed. Now you don’t need to cut down the amount of your regular casseroles or bake smaller pizzas repeatedly to make enough food for serving your family at a time. You can now bake them easily with large capacity of this amazing toaster oven.

Oster TSSTTVXLDG Digital Control PanelDigital Controls

As digitization spreads everywhere in the world, Oster also inculcates the digital technology into this amazing toaster oven. Now you get rid of those traditional knobs and are able to simply set temperature and time more precisely by digital control buttons and display.

Convection Cooking Technology

Oster provides the most even cooking experience to you using up to the mark convection cooking technology in this toaster oven. Now you do not need to recook and flip sides of those pizzas resulting into either over cooking or even burning with wastage of food and time. Convection cooking technology handles the temperatures and evenly distributes heat to give you the ultimate food taste you have been longing for.



What Do Customers Say About The Oster TSSTTVXLDG?

The Good:

Incredible Capacity – With this amazing toaster oven by Oster, customers have been enjoying the cooking experience and have switched from the regular oven in kitchen to this outclass performing product by Oster. One of the best features of this oven is the spacious compartment it has. One can cook almost anything in this big toaster oven because of its extra-large capacity. Planning to make casseroles for the evening get together? No problem! Thinking to serve pizza for your kid’s birthday? Don’t hesitate to bake large enough pizzas of up to 16″. In short this oven has the capacity to bake and cook almost anything for the entire family. So if you have a big family to feed, this is the thing to grab.

Oster TSSTTVXLDG - Large Capacity

Energy Efficient & Less Heat Output – Another amazing thing which is also one reason for people switching from their traditional kitchen oven to this model is its least heat output with energy saving at the same time. This is also because of one good technology; yes, thanks to the convection cooking which helps regulate the heat INSIDE the oven evenly and hence saves energy; while reducing the heat output in the environment to the minimum.


What Could Be Better:

Temperature & Door – A few users have complained about the oven not meeting up with the temperatures being set. This reported issue is somehow linked to loose door of the oven, resulting in heat loss. The door gets really hot when the oven is in use so user has to be extra cautious while opening it. Besides, what has been observed by few users is with the glass of door which is reported to NOT being able to withstand high temperatures (>300 degrees). So I suggest you pay attention to the condition of the glass while cooking for long time periods.

Timer – One other issue which has been noted by some customers in using this product is the timer issue. Occasionally the timer goes off in the midway while you are cooking so user has to set the timer a little longer than actually needed. This also needs you to keep an eye on it while baking.



Overall this product is recommended to pick because of its incredible capacity and being good at saving energy and giving appreciable cooking experience.